20 April, 2015

Spring ephemerals in Fernbank Forest and around Atlanta

The past five or six weeks have been a wonderful time across the Piedmont forests of Atlanta. This is a special window of time where the air is warming, we (usually) get plentiful rain and the canopy is full of sunlight as the leaves are just beginning to come back on our diverse palette of deciduous trees. 

Sunny canopy typical of late March and early April in southern Piedmont forests. 

This post will center on the spring ephemeral wildflowers that flourish during this window every year. 

March 11th- trout lily 

March 12th- Bloodroot

March 13th- sweet Betsy trillium 

March 18th- spring beauty

March 18th- trout lily

March 25th- sweet Betsy

March 30th- yellow trillium

March 29th- cranesbill geranium

March 31st- bellwort

April 1st- silverbell 

April 1st- foamflower 

April 6th- dwarf pawpaw

April 6th- southern nodding trillium

April 9th- crinkleroot 

April 14th- sweet Cicely 

Jack-in-the-pulpit- April 21st

Alternate-leaf dogwood- April 21st

Atamasco lily- April 28th