30 September, 2008

Urban Hiking

So Bethany and I decided to forgo driving way the heck up to N. Georgia for hiking this weekend (gas shortage/extreme cost/time) and instead go for some urban hiking around Atlanta. It's really amazing how much more you see in a city by walking. We really tried to take a few lesser traveled (and sometimes scary) streets too. It gives you much more of a feeling of ownership of your town. You get to see a good cross-section of people and culture too.

city view near Midtown Arts area

I call this one "crucifixion on kudzu mountain"... it's right by the Whole Foods on Ponce- across from City Hall East

(sweaty) urban hiker

Vitis rotundifolia- my muscadines on the front fence


Charlie said...

Yeah, me and Sara hike around santa barbara sometimes. it's nice. Of course, around here there are 'real' trails about 15 minutes of driving away, too.

skyrocket said...

that's awesome. I really want to visit Santa Barbara (and Ventura). maybe early 2009- that's our next trip most likely.