14 September, 2009

On an afternoon bike ride...

I saw some interesting things last week.

First off I went to my favorite spot to pick wild muscadines (native grapes) just off of the PATH near Candler Park and Paidea School. While there I found this interested grape with a dead insect inside of it.

dying happy

Truly dying happy
dying happy2

Can you imagine dying while consuming a sweet delicacy that's 10 times your own size? That would kind of rule.

Further down the road I saw a tree company removing a GIANT tuliptree from someone's front yard. I was able to snap a few quick pix. The size of the trunk pieces was really impressive

big tuliptree
stacks of tuliptree trunk

I think I counted about 120 rings from this photo

Neat bike ride.


Charlie said...

Why did they cut it into such short pieces? Yo would think if it were necessary to cut down such a neat tree they could at least use it for lumber. maybe there aren't any mills nearby, or it was too diseased?

skyrocket said...

probably not cost effective, sadly enough.