08 October, 2009

Longleaf forests and Florida Springs...

Pictorial account of a recent trip to Tallahassee, Wakulla Springs, and the Wade Tract (old growth longleaf pine forest) with Mike and Mary:

Wakulla Springs- bald cypress
Wakulla cypress

Eastern Redcedar @ park lodge
Eastern Red Cedar @ Wakulla

Liza on a boat
Wakulla Springs
the Tallahassee crew

Bald cypress
Wakulla springs2


cardinal flower
cardinal flower

Wade Tract- one of the largest (and only) remaining stands of Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) in the world- this near Thomasville, GA
Wade Tract longleaf

wade tract wide

Eli longleaf
Wade Tract

flowers and fruit of the longleaf understory
Liatris spp
wildflower and fly

What a great trip and it was so amazingly nice to be able to catch a [brief] glimpse of the remaining old growth longleaf in south Georgia. I surely hope to return and explore more... these trees once dominated the coastal plain from Texas to the Carolinas to Virginia and now only a few thousands acres of old growth remain.

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