03 July, 2009

Ode to a Red Oak

What a stately and graceful tree you were hugging that Tulip Poplar, stretching for sunlight.

Your limbs reached for help as you slowly crashed through the canopy layers to your current resting spot. It must have made a magnificent sound.

I wonder if it was during waking (human) hours or in the middle of the night. Either way I'm sure it stirred some creatures.

Your left your mark on the trees around you as well. It saddens me to see your striped branches once horizontal, now vertical as if in rigormortis.

The gap left in your wake will now allow your cousin White Oak to flourish though and create space for (a few of) the seedlings from the thousands of acorns you've dropped over the years.

Your life was not in vain, but I do have to wonder if it was cut short and if the hubris of my species was at all responsible.

Thank you for your life Red Oak. Thank you.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

my oak at my parents' house has slime flux disease. i'm worried about it