10 November, 2009

Reconnecting the pipes: surgery and recovery

How do I feel about another week in the hospital? My face says it all:
me... worried?

Post surgery:

Beep beepin' down the hall!
beep beepin'

Emily is texting the family (or is she updating FB?)
Emily textin' away

So to stay sane while Liza is recovering in the hospital (6 days instead of the planned 4 days..) I managed to walk around the Brookwood area. Here's some shots:

Chinkapin Oak?
chinkapin leaf

Chinkapin oak shaped into a bush right in front of one as a normal tree:
chinkapin bush and tree

R. Thomas
R. Thomas

Nicest fall color on a Tulip Poplar I've ever seen... maybe

creek near hospital

Ginkgo leaf

midtown fountain

GA "alpenglow"
GA alpenglow

...from our room
skyline from window


No more ileostomy bag! Now just a pursestring hole that will heal itself
after surgery purse string

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Alex said...

All the best to Liza. I hope she'll be well soon!