16 November, 2009

Exploring in Fernbank Forest

Last Friday was a perfect fall day. 70 degrees. Sunny. Dry. Excellent weather for a necessary afternoon excursion in Fernbank Forest.

This is a White Oak that fell from the forest, crushed the fence, then landed across Clifton road during the record rainfall this past September
170 YO

I got roughly 170 rings out of only a 2 feet diameter trunk cut! Some of these were TIGHT! Must have been drought years...
tight grain

Fernbank Forest, like everywhere else, is not immune to exotic plant invasions. This is a shot of a tract of large bamboo along the southeastern fenceline
bamboo forest

And a Chinese Wisteria monoculture
Wisteria forest

Oh and of course English Ivy- this stuff really weighs down the trees and can cause them to fall. This one temporarily blocked a bridge in the forest:
Evil Ivy
Evil Ivy II

BW canopy shot
Fernbank Forest

I finally found a nice Starvine (Schisandra glabra) in the forest

Starvine bark

It's just such a graceful vine with its graceful twisting flight up the tree.
Starvine II!

1 comment:

Noemi N. Vega said...

Can you please help us in our effort to try to re-open Fernbank Forest to the public? My two boys and I go to a nature night class at Fernbank Science Center,and we used to walk the forest as part of class, now it's been almost 2 years since we have been able to do so.
My kids and the others in class just look at the forest through locked gates.
Please google "Open Fernbank Forest" and you will find the petition.
Fernbank Inc. might not be following their group's charter by closing the forest. Many thanks.