15 December, 2009

December in Fernbank Forest

A few days ago I had the opportunity to spend about 7 hours in the largest urban piedmont old growth forest in the world. It was amazing. I measured numerous trees with my new laser rangefinder and found the canopy to be 20-30 feet higher than previously thought in many areas. Tuliptrees topped out near 155' and there may very well be a few to 160'. Even the White Oaks were up near 140'. Really spectacular. I also traced the perennial Fernbank Creek upstream (nearly) to it's source. Many of the fern species Emily Harrison saw over 100 years ago (and consequently caused her to come up with the name "Fernbank") still line the stream in this area.

Even the front yard trees in Druid Hills are TALL- this was part of the original Fernbank Forest over 100 years ago and likely a relic from that time
giant yard Tuliptree

lunch spot
lunch spot

150'+ Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)- I strongly believe there are some 160 footers in this forest too
150'+ Tuliptree

'shrooms- it's like a rainforest with all the rain this year (75"+ in spots)
fungus colony

Loblolly Pine Bark
Loblolly bark

weird Beech tree trunk stuff
weird beech trunk

Fernbank Creek (perennial)
Fernbank Creek

further upstream (close to the supposed spring)

Broad Beech fern
broad beech fern

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