25 August, 2009

OBKB is getting good.

So my punk-n-roll band OBKB just played our 3rd show this summer after a 2 year hiatus. And we're getting good. Maybe we just needed to think about those songs for a couple years to bring out their goodness.

This show was Friday, August 21st at Wonderroot with our friend Perry Fowler and his friend Ben Henry. Both Perry and Ben were completely amazing in different ways. It's hard to get in front of a crowd with only yourself and a guitar... well Perry has a badass stomp box/tambourine too, but still it's hard. They totally pulled it off and I recommend you check them out.

Ben Henry
ben henry

Perry Fowler

dan during the rock
Mike E feelin' it
Eli funky hat bass mongrel
OBKB w/Jeremy
Slim and Slim #2
dan after rockin'

...now we write new songs... then we dance

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