06 August, 2009

Stage 1: NC and Blue Ridge Parkway

Graveyard Field on the Parkway
graveyard fields
Cindy and Charlie
creek at Graveyard Fields

St. John's Wort
st. johns wort


Adelgid damage in Asheville- I don't think I saw a single healthy hemlock in the whole town... :(
woolly adelgid damage
woolly adelgid damage 2

On the parkway
Charlie on the parkway

The conditions are harsh and the growing season is short up here. The first picture is of a valley grown birch, the second is of a birch near Mt. Mitchell (over 1 mile above sea level). They are the SAME diameter!

20 rings
20 year old birch
70 rings
70 year old birch

40 rings on this tiny stump! this tree would grown this big in 10 or 20 years in Atlanta!
40 year old stump

Mt. Mitchell shots
Mt. Mitchell
68' on Mt. Mitchell at noon
lichen on Mt. Mitchell
view from Mt. Mitchell
Eli adn Charlie on Mt. Mitchell

Spruce-Fir forest at 6200' above sea level
Spruce-Fir understory
spruce-fir forest
tight growth rings
Mt. Mitchell fern

Mt. Mitchell watershed
Mt. Mitchell watershed

Evil adelgids! The Balsam Woolly Adelgid is devastating the spruce and fir at this elevation on many mountains in the Southern Appalachains... they essentially starve the trees to death.
Damn Adelgids!

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